XTRAX projects are strategic, long-term, use the expertise of the entire team, and make a real impact on the outdoor arts sector. The team works with partners to help shape a sector in which artists can flourish and sell their work; festivals can extend their reach to new audiences; information can be shared between professionals, and help elevate UK outdoor arts to be amongst the finest in the world.

Always Drinking Marching Band

Since 1997, Always Drinking Marching Band has travelled all over the world and leaving its own personal and irreverent stamp wherever it…

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As The World Tipped

XTRAX is the producer and tour booker for this critically acclaimed piece of large-scale aerial dance theatre.

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Bog of Frogs

Directed by Mish Weaver, Box of Frogs is an exhilarating blend of high-octane, highly visual performance showcasing a deluge of circus skills…

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Bright Night & DEELight, Chester (2011)

XTRAX was commissioned by Chester Festivals to programme Bright Night (17 November 2011) and DEELight weekend (1-4 December 2011). Chester Festival’s first…

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Circostrada General Meeting in London (2016)

XTRAX hosted a Circostrada Network meeting in London attended by 50 international delegates in the context of the XTRAX/GDIF 2016 showcase. XTRAX…

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Creative Barking and Dagenham Summer Festivals (2015)

Creative Barking and Dagenham (CBD) is a three-year Creative People and Places project (2014 – 2016) for people living, working and socialising…

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