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Death or Circus

Modern life is rubbish. We need advise, guidance, and heroes. Kenneth Fall, the carny god and savior of Africa and Tina Machina…


Witness a beautiful disaster in mid-air. Extreme circus skill, inventive humor and exhausting talent. Slap stick acrobatics, hazardous aerial and flying hula…

Damn the Circus

Damn The Circus. Damn everything but the circus. In her crown of sequences and sawdust, youth will perishes and talent will bleed….

This is what we do for a living

‘This is what we do for a living’, is circus of the absurd, it’s funny and flexible with great comic timing and…

Silver Tree

The Silver Tree is a fusion of Hip Hop dance, circus and the art of Chinese Pole performance which unites to create…


Taxi! Combines traditional street theatre with high impact, high energy street dance which takes us on a comic journey through the hurly…

Drive In

The show comprises of three intimate performances set in three vehicles in a dark and dingy car park. Audiences of people at…

Thats The Way To Do It!

An alternative Punch and Judy show, incorporating grotesque characters and great knockabout choreography, with a striking design and great opportunities for participation….


Set on a submerged house amidst rising waters, four dancers balance, slide and tumble their way upwards as they scramble to get…

Table for Two

Eccentric and stylish comedy set around a cheesy mobile piano cocktail bar and a table for two. Live music (piano) soundtrack and…


Performed by four dancers in a large cage, Captive is inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem The Panther and considers how a…

Whispers From a Rickshaw

Flag down the ‘Whispers’ rickshaw for a truly inspiring ride! An intriguing game of choice and chance will lead you to one…

The Digital Paparazzi

Dressed as 1950s style paparazzi, making people smile and taking lots of fun pictures which are uploaded to a specially designed website…