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Matt Belfield


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Test artist

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New circus theatre company focused on producing high impact theatrical shows with a comedic edge.

Autin Dance Theatre

Autin Dance Theatre – innovative and interdisciplinary dance company. Drawing on contemporary social issues and events to make beautifully crafted, accessible and relevant live performances.

Becoming Storybook

Nikky is a little bit strange…She wants to become a Storybook.
Follow her down the garden path into the secret garden…

Serious Clowns

The performance style and inspiration comes from the building of installations as a playground for the performance action, often integrating a site specific style of work using the surrounding environment, i.e objects, nature. Adam Read has been exploring different forms of street theater, location theater, site specific work and visual stage performance – creating pictures using light, sound and set design that leave an effect on the public.

Combining these elements and processes the performance action relies also on live interaction with public.

The Strange Train Company

Artists with a mission to entertain, delight, and combine stunning visuals with meaningful narrative and playful engagement.

Swing Circus

Uplifting and thought provoking, diverse circus and dance shows.

Noisy Toys

Noisy Toys- experimenting with sound: Nose Test, Bass in your Face (show), Acousatron (interactive installation), Audio Assault Buggy (walkabout).

Teater Fusentast

Touring small theatre troupe since 1989. Highly visual shows, indoor- and outdoor-, usually involving puppets, charm and social relevance.

Los Excentricos

Gestural expression, musical virtuosity with extravagant instruments, authentic and unmistakable , welcome to Los Excentricos extravagant and absurd world

Claudio Mutazzi

clown – street comedy

Margaux Dub

puppetshow in a poetic atmospher


Trashbeatz is the most ecofriendly street act in the world by making music out of garbage.

Fausto Giori

Demenzio is an eccentric and demented character, his first objective is to love his audience giving her joyful presence. But every little movement is a disaster, and this is the secret of his success.


In a damp and rainy night, under the big tent of a traditional chapiteau mounted in Cantù (Como) Roberto is born. It was 1979 when his parents, acrobats of the circus, decided to teach him the art of using the body as tool of expression.

Alex Piras / Legni a galla

Strings puppets show